Welcome to the Chef mailing list!

Welcome to the Chef mailing list! This is the web interface for the Chef mailing list, powered by Discourse. This topic is a work-in-progress to get people up to speed with Discourse.

Participants in the Chef mailing list are expected to adhere to the Chef Community Guidelines. Read more about proper etiquette in the Discourse Community Guidelines & Guidance on Asking for and Providing Help post.


What is this website?

This website is the front-end for the Chef mailing list. Through the website you can adjust your subscription settings, view the archives, and reply to posts (if you prefer a web form instead of sending emails).

Why Discourse?

Chef RFC 28 was created to plan out migrating off of our old mailing list software, Sympa. Sympa is relatively old and creaky, and was generally not meeting our needs. Originally we tried moving to Google Groups, but this migration had to be aborted due to quota issues on the Google side. Discourse provides a high-quality web interface, while still offering email integration.

This mailing list isn't exactly a mailing list.

This isn't technically a question, but yes, we apologize for the dust and are working to get things back to A+++ mailing list-ness. If you have suggestions for new features you would like to see added, please create a new thread under the Chef Forums Feedback category and we'll try to get it set up ASAP!

How do I post to this mailing list?

You can create new topic threads via the Discourse web interface or by emailing chef@discourse.chef.io (for the chef category). For categories other than chef new topics need to be created via the web interface. You can always reply to outbound messages to join in an existing thread, no matter the category.

If you're new to mailing lists (or even if you aren't), check out the StackOverflow page on how to ask good questions for tips on posting questions in a way that makes them easier for our community volunteers to answer.

How long will it take to get an answer?

The people responding to questions here are volunteers, so it may take a bit for someone to get back to you. This can be especially true on weekends or major US/EU holidays, so please be patient. Additional assistance may be available through Chef Software’s support offering or our community Slack team at community-slack.chef.io.

How do I unsubscribe from this mailing list?

The way to unsubscribe from Discourse is to open your user preferences and disable email notifications. You will have to log in to your account here on Discourse.

The Discourse team wrote up a great guide to this process at https://discourse.chef.io/t/update-on-notifications-from-discourse/7063.

How do I unsubscribe from only chef or chef-dev or Chef Automate or any other category?

Instead of having separate mailing lists, we now have a single Discourse server with many categories. Each post is filed in a category, and you can subscribe or mute at the category level. You can approach things from either end, subscribe to all new topics and mute categories that don't interest you watch only specific categories. You can find the subscription controls on the category pages (chef, Chef Release Announcements, Chef Automate, InSpec, Chef Security Announcements, Habitat, and Chef Forums Feedback):

screenshot of category settings

You can adjust your mailing list mode setting in your user preferences:


Note that other than topic and category mutes, mailing list mode overrides the more complex per-topic/category subscription modes.

Why can't I delete my account?

As with most mailing lists, once a message is sent it is part of the public archives. This means that the idea of deleting accounts is kind of tricky. If you want to disable all email notifications, you can do that in your user preferences (under the Email section). If you want to fully remove all non-public personal information from Discourse entirely, please email us at community@chef.io and we’ll be happy to take care of that.

Meet the Moderators

Community Advocates for the Chef Mailing List are responsible for moderation and site admin duties.

Please feel free to message any of us if you have questions or concerns about anything here on Discourse. If you see any posts with objectionable content, please use the Flag Post option and we'll look at it as soon as possible.