Update on notifications from Discourse

A few hours ago I disabled mailing list mode globally and digests globally.

@nathenharvey provided me a list 1187 emails that were subscribed to the mailing list (in mailing list mode, not digest)

I went ahead and loaded up the email list then searched through the user records here and updated you all to "mailing list enabled" 600 or so records matched and were updated.

###If you are getting this email you were in the past subscribed, actively!

If you no longer wish to get email from Discourse or think some mistake happened please login to this site and go to user prefs and disable emails:

Visit https://discourse.chef.io/



Then go to your profile settings:

and amend emails as you see fit:


If you only want to get email for "dev" topics and do not care for "chef" topics, in your prefs you can set "dev" to watched, then disable mailing list mode. watched topics automatically generate emails when you are off site.

Everyone who had "digest" enabled, have daily digests enabled here. (all 6 of you)

Again, super sorry about the drama, hopefully some proper Chef discussion can commence now :heart: