Add project using chef automate UI


I have my Chef Server, Chef automate and Chef InSpec in place. I created a repo and a cookbook where the delivery init command was run,

root@chef-server:/home/oss/chef-repo/cookbooks/os-details# delivery init
Chef Delivery
Creating Delivery project…
Skipping: Delivery project named os-details already exists.
Setting up the ‘delivery’ git remote…
Skipping: The delivery git remote is up-to-date. (ssh://admin@delivery-org@10.211.X.X:8989/delivery-org/delivery-org/os-details).
Pushing initial git history…
Skipping: Found commits on remote for pipeline master, not pushing local commits.
Creating pipeline on Delivery server…
Skipping: Delivery pipeline named master already exists for project os-details.
Generating build cookbook…
Skipping: build cookbook already exists at .delivery/build_cookbook.
Creating and committing readme…
Skipping: A branch named ‘initialize-delivery-pipeline’ already exists, switching to it.
Skipping: already exists, no need to create or commit.
Skipping: All changes have already be submitted for review, skipping.

Your new Delivery project is ready!

According to the document it says to go to Automate UI to add a new project (plus sign (+) next to Add a New Project.)
but I don’t see an option to do that on the dashboard. I am currently using a trial license, does it have anything to do with it due to which I’m unable to see it? And even though after running the command, the end result stated that te new delivery project is ready, can it be seen in the dashboard?

Thank you in advance.