InSpec v1.33.1, audit cookbook v4.2.0 released!

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to announce the release of InSpec v1.33.1! It includes:

Features & Enhancements

  • New be_in matcher for matching against values in a list #2022 (thanks, rx294!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix docker_container.tag to use last element of image #2052 (thanks, mattlqx!)
  • Pick up new version of train that includes a bug-fix when stat’ing files #2058

You can find InSpec v1.33.1 on, RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.

Additionally, audit cookbook version v4.2.0 has been released which includes support for passing InSpec attributes and also properly supports installing InSpec from a location other than RubyGems when using Chef 13 and later.

Thanks for using InSpec!