Auto-build not triggering

Greetings Habicats,

I’m seeking assistance with an issue I’ve encountered when attempting to trigger an auto-build for a builder package.

Specifically, I was completing the following tutorial: I’ve proceeded through the step called “Watch your package build automatically” and yet, the auto-build for the package is never triggered. I’ve attempted starting from scratch several times to ensure that I’ve followed the instructions exactly, but without success. Previously, I followed the tutorial at and was able to trigger the auto-build successfully within the same origin.

I’m not sure how to further troubleshoot this issue, I’m posting here to ask for any tips, hints, or suggestions that denizens of the forums might be able to provide.

Many thanks!

  • pketienne

Thanks for the report! Are you able to trigger a build successfully manually? Can you confirm that you set the “Auto build” setting when connecting your project (the instructions on Learn Chef may be out of date regarding that setting).

Hi Salam,

Thanks for the help. I confirmed that the “auto build” setting was enabled, however I discovered that manual builds are also not working (I thought I had checked this). To troubleshoot this I delved into the hab bldr job commands and discovered the hab bldr job status --origin {origin-name}. On executing hab bldr job status --origin {origin-name} I found that I had two jobs marked as “Queued” and two jobs marked as “Dispatching” - One set from several days ago, and the other set from when I had tested executing a job manually through the UI.

CREATED AT                        GROUP ID             STATUS       IDENT                      TARGET
2019-04-17T22:45:26.302394+00:00  1227043092500709376  Queued       {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux
2019-04-17T22:42:56.980769+00:00  1227041839905366016  Dispatching  {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux
2019-04-12T05:19:13.451389+00:00  1222892637003743232  Queued       {origin}/habitatize       x86_64-linux
2019-04-12T05:14:31.750995+00:00  1222890273932861440  Dispatching  {origin}/habitatize       x86_64-linux
2019-04-12T02:44:42.532774+00:00  1222814866915172352  Complete     {origin}/imagemagick      x86_64-linux
2019-04-11T20:40:28.508537+00:00  1222631542066094080  Complete     {origin}/habitatize       x86_64-linux
2019-04-10T04:23:26.017653+00:00  1221415005245374464  Complete     {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux
2019-04-10T03:55:23.288040+00:00  1221400889483026432  Complete     {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux
2019-04-10T02:03:22.618440+00:00  1221344512416874496  Complete     {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux
2019-04-10T01:34:24.676805+00:00  1221329933502701568  Complete     {origin}/sample-node-app  x86_64-linux

I was able to cancel the “Queued” and “Dispatching” jobs, but any time I attempt to trigger a build, either manually or automatically, the first job seems to hang at “Dispatching” and further jobs seem to stay in “Queue” status perpetually.

I’ve taken the time to walk through habitat/chef tutorials again just to ensure I’m following appropriate steps, but I can’t seem to see anything I’ve missed and I have been able to walk through these tutorials successfully just a week ago. Any further troubleshooting tips, hints, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • pketienne