Automate 2 version 20181112131523 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 20181112131523 of Chef Automate 2.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Faster Feed: Make all the Chef Actions you like, now our Event Feed won't backup.
  • Satisfying Security Needs: Automate can't fit into an <iframe> is now restricted by the returned header X-Frame-Options=samesite on all UI-related parts.
  • Compliance Updates: The CIS Azure v1.0.0 profile includes manual test instructions for some controls without automated tests. Added more preview compliance controls controls and improved the test logic for the STIG RHEL 7 and Windows 2016 (Cat I) profiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Reasonable terms: Elasticsearch failing with an "immense term" error message when ingesting reports with very large fields.
  • InSpec Control Code Improvements: Fixed the metadata on the CIS AWS Foundations v1.0.0 compliance profile so that it runs correctly with Inspec 3. Fixed controls in the CIS RHEL 7 v2.2.0 compliance profile that could potentially give a false positive result.

Backward Incompatibilities

  • The CIS RHEL 7 v2.2.0 compliance profile controls for the shadow resource that aren't compatible with InSpec 1. From now on, they'll give a skipped result with an explanation message.