Automate 2 version 20200408145843 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 20200408145843 of Chef Automate 2.

New Features

  • Write This Down: In this release, users of Identity and Access Management v1 (IAM v1) automatically upgrade to Identity and Access Management v2 (IAM v2). All IAM v1 users, teams, tokens, and policies will migrate to IAM v2. Some details to keep in mind:
    • API Tokens created in the browser work differently in IAM v2. After creation, an API token will have zero permissions. Add the new API token to a policy to grant permissions.
    • Creating admin API Tokens from the CLI in IAM v2 uses a new command. The old CLI command will not work.
    • If your IAM v1 local team names contain non-alphanumeric characters other than hyphens and underscores, recreate these local teams and add them to policies for correct function in IAM v2.
    • Editor and Viewer roles change in IAM v2 from using the broad infra:* authorization action to more specific authorization actions, such as infra:nodeManagers:* and infra:nodes:*. We recommend updating the authorization actions for your custom roles accordingly.
  • Amazed: Set Data Lifecycle settings directly in the browser!
  • Every Morning: All appropriate views in Compliance Reports include Waiver information for nodes, profiles, and individual controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Believe: Compliance Reports appear and correctly filter by Job ID after you click on Report for a listed Scan Job on the Scan Jobs page.
  • Lately: Projects filter as expected when a page refreshes.
  • I Need to Know: Chef Habitat Builder deployed with Chef Automate completes backups without failing.
  • Someday: The previously scheduled time appears correctly when editing a Scan Job schedule.
  • No Scrubs: Status counts in Compliance Reports display accurate numbers regardless of status filters.

Backward Incompatibilities

  • From This Moment On: All API calls for removing or adding users to a team now expect membership_ids rather than user_ids.

How to Upgrade

By default Chef Automate 2 will automatically upgrade to this new version. If you have disabled automatic upgrades you can manually initiate an upgrade by running:

chef-automate upgrade run

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your feedback online. Thanks for using Chef Automate 2!