Automate 2 version 20200610173731 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 20200610173731 of Chef Automate 2.


  • The short of it: Truncated reports show the correct number of test results.
  • Closed and out: Optional configuration to sign-out users when they close the browser.

Bug Fixes

  • A11y: Accessibility fixes across Chef Automate.
  • Already there: GCP account scans won't fail with "project_id must be included".
  • Finer points: Significant refinements to the Applications page filters.
  • Scarequotes: Scans can handle tags with double-quotes.
  • Projecting: Consistently displays the complete list of projects associated with teams or tokens in Automate.

How to Upgrade

By default Chef Automate 2 will automatically upgrade to this new version. If you have disabled automatic upgrades you can manually initiate an upgrade by running:

chef-automate upgrade run

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your feedback online. Thanks for using Chef Automate 2!