Cannot unsubscribe from discourse spam

I’m suddenly getting stupid amounts of email from this forum. I cannot log into this site with my credentials from I cannot create an account on this site using the email address that’s getting spammed because it’s already in use.

How do I get this site to stop emailing me?

I disabled all email notifications on your account, you can use forgot password to log in.

To unsubscribe from these emails, visit your user preferences:


try and login, reset your password… when you can login edit your prefs and
disable ‘email me on new top creation’ save settings.

I was surprised my creds didn’t work.

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Hey can someone please unsubscribe me? I have no idea what “Discourse” is,
I never signed up to it. I used Chef maybe 3 years ago - did someone
migrate everyone’s user accounts there or something? :frowning:

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You should be happy they didn’t work! Talk about security issue :smile:

I’m having difficulty accessing the unsubscribe feature. When I click on
the link below, the page returned to me is that “This page does not exist
or is private.”

So I try to reset my password as I don’t know it yet. I receive the email
with a reset-password link, only to have the page returned to me say that
the token has expired.

Unsubscribing should be a one-click process. What can be done to make
this significantly easier? This is pretty maddening.

I’d prefer you revert to the previous system until the issues with
Discourse are ironed out.


@Michael_Fischer I apologize for the issues we’ve had with this migration. You were mistakenly subscribed and have been fully unsubscribed now.

I’m just going to keep hitting “Report Spam” and I hope others do the same. I don’t even have a login for this, and didn’t request these emails. You can either remove me or continue to be blacklisted due to spam. Pretty sure this violates US law regarding spam, as well. Bad chef!

I have anonymized and deactivated your account. Sorry about that.

I can’t unsubscribe either and also noticed this recent noise. Please unsub