Account deletion

Hi Nathen,

i do like chef and i do appropriate all the things you do for it ecosystem.

But im not feeling ok within a system in which im not able to delete myself.

Your workaround doesn’t seem to work, because to change me email i need to put in a valid one to accept the email change and complete the process, till then it seems that my email stays in your system.


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Unfortunately due to the nature of a mailing list, you can’t delete yourself once you’ve sent something to the list since those messages are a matter of public record at that point. You can unsubscribe yourself from the list by disabling email notifications, and if you were previously unsubscribed I apologize for the forced resub, that will be corrected shortly.

It’s a bit of a hack, but using a address works for changing your email and trashing your account.

I think the address itself is blocked, but they have plenty of domains that redirect in there. I used the domain.