Chef Backend 1.2.5 released

Hello Chefs!

We have a new release of Chef Backend for you that includes a number of performance tuning options and stability improvements. These improvements will help reduce the number of fail-over events in your environment that may occur due to transient network issues. All users of 1.1.2 and prior are encouraged to upgrade. You may find it at .

Along with our new features, we have a number of tunable options. These flags are documented in detail in our docs page at

  • Followers will now fail if it falls too far behind leader.

  • Health Checks can now fail up to a configurable number of times before triggering a failover.

  • Etcd election reliability was increased and you have new configuration options to tweak it.

  • We have also added a --force-basebackup to the pgsql-follow command. This allows for a more straightforward recovery procedure in cases where human intervention is needed.

We have also changed the default values of a few options:

  • postgresql.shmmax and postgresql.shmall are no longer needed because we have upgraded to PostgreSQL 9.5
  • leaderl.health_check.interval_seconds from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • leaderl.leaderl_ttl_seconds from 10 to 30.
  • etcd.heartbeat_interval from 100 to 500 milliseconds.
  • etcd.election_timeout from 1000 to 5000 milliseconds.


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