Chef-Backend 2.2.0 Released!

Hello Chefs!

Chef-Backend 2.2.0 is now released and available on the downloads site.
This release contains minor improvements and updates.


  • The health checker has been modified to reduce the number of unnecessary fail-overs. Changes to the health checker include:
    • The PostgreSQL health-check makes fewer calls to PostgreSQL
    • All PostgreSQL failures are subject to health check retries (bug fix)
    • Removed the etcd health-check because the main leader election detects etcd failures first
  • The /leader endpoint now serves a locally cached response. This should reduce the possibility of timeouts returned to clients polling the /leader endpoint. The Chef Infra Server polls the /leader endpoint and thus we believe this change will reduce some Chef Backend outages that resulted from /leader request timeouts.

Bug Fixes

  • Cookstyle fixes
  • Fixed chef-client version incompatibilities
  • Fixed PostgreSQL validator problem that prevented join-cluster from running to completion
  • Build system cleanup and fixes

Updates and Modified Configuration Options

  • Added etcd.ionice.class and etcd.ionice.level settings with the default values of 2 and 0 respectively. These settings determine the disk input/output scheduling class and set priority for the etcd process. The default values mirror the current system defaults on Linux.
  • chef v14.14.25 -> v15.12.22
  • ohai v14.14.0 -> v15.12.0
  • ruby 2.5.7 -> 2.6.5

Thank you!