Chef Inc. members Identification

One thing I lost moving from mail to discourse is the ability to know/guess if someone if a former Chef Inc. employee (mail ending in or not.

Now on discourse there’s no clue (none I’m aware of at least) to tell if someone is part of Chef Inc. or not.

Could the people from Chef have a kind of ‘badge’ telling they are from Chef Inc. ?

Good idea! It is possible if they set the title field in their user profile.

@codinghorror I looked for a Title field on the profile page and wasn’t able to find one. Does that field not come until I have gotten beyond basic user?

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If you are an admin or mod, click the wrench on the user page to enter a
title – that field is only available for editing by staff.

Anyone that wants a title set, respond here and one of the mods can do it.

So are we going to add a Chef Employee badge? Chef Logo for the image, “Chef Employee” as the text, automatically added to users that have a email address? It appears the badge system would make most of that easy.

Alternatively, since badges are somewhat hidden a small image by the username like the moderator image for employees would work too. Without having seen the admin panel, I presume this would be more custom work.

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Keep in mind that whichever system you use, it should also work for email users.

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As far as I saw it, the mail is HTML giving the post representation on discourse, so it will be in the mails too …

Clicking on a profile picture on the site brings up a small window that shows badges, but naturally doesn’t in the emails. So if we used primarily badges you wouldn’t see those in the emails.

@btm Sorry I wasn’t clear on what I mean.

As the mail show the exact same as the post on discourse, something visible out of clicking like your ‘Chef Software Staff’ title is visible on the mail too. So your idea about the logo as for moderators sounds great to me :smile:

A Chef Software badge has been created and people with Chef email addresses have been granted that badge. Thanks to @coderanger for setting that up! We’ll look at creating a custom badge icon for that as well.

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Its totally doable automatically, you can set automatic primary group and title for people with

I will go ahead and do that via admin/groups, go ahead and edit it if you want it changed :slight_smile:

My email address had previously been my gmail…I just changed it to my address. Will the badge inherit or does someone need to go in and update my group or something?

It should kick in during the nightly cronjob I think.