Chef Server 12.16.2 Released

Ohai Chefs,

We’ve just released Chef Server 12.16.2. It is available on

Some notable changes for this release are:

  • PostgreSQL has been upgraded to 9.6 (from 9.2).

  • A bug in Erlang’s epmd has been fixed. This bug caused problems for users with certain IPv6 configurations.

  • Elasticsearch 5 is now supported as an external search index (previously only ES 2 was supported). This allows Chef Server and Chef Automate 1.6 to share an Elasticsearch instance. It also ensures Chef Server will be compatible with future versions of Chef Backend which may ship ES 5.

  • The _status endpoint now includes a healthcheck for RabbitMQ when appropriate.

  • The set-secrets command now notifies you if services need to be restarted for the credential change to take effect.

For all of the details of these changes, please see the


Steven Danna