Chef Server 12 Issue Triage and Progress Update

Hello Chefs,

An action item that came out of last week’s community IRC meeting was
that we should open the Chef Server 12 issue triage process to everyone.
While we use GitHub issues for most of our issue tracking, that still
doesn’t serve as a great way to communicate where we are in the release
processes for Chef Server 12.

To provide more transparency, the Chef Server team has created this
google doc:

Full details are in the document, but it details how we monitor issues,
the triage lists of issues that are known about and their priority, and
the target date of releasing Chef Server 12 (We’re aiming for early
November), as well as how to provide feedback on any of the above.

Hopefully this is helpful to you as a way to get more transparency into
what the Chef Server team is working on and the status of Chef Server 12
as we work towards the release.


Mark Mzyk