Chef Vault Error - Could not find pivotal in users or clients!

Currently running AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate, but running into what feels like many issues and considering a different route for the company… Here is the exact error message:

WARNING: pivotal not found in users, trying clients.
ERROR: ChefVault::Exceptions::AdminNotFound: FATAL: Could not find pivotal in users or clients!

However, if I SSH into the EC2 instance, I return the user when running

sudo chef-server-ctl user-list

I also created the pivotal user with an automate-ctl command, but to no avail.

All I want to do is encrypt some AWS creds to read from an S3 bucket in a recipe. Why must it be so difficult?!

Have you tried using a different user? AFAIK pivotal is a system user, not a standard or admin user.