Discourse Community Guidelines & Guidance on Asking for and Providing Help

The mailing list and everywhere else the community convenes online is governed by our Community Guidelines which are captured in RFC-20. Below is an excerpt from those guidelines but it is important to take a few minutes to read the entire RFC.

As you are working with other members of the community, please keep in mind the following guidelines, which apply equally to founders, mentors, those who submit new features and pull requests, and to anyone who is seeking help and guidance.

The following list isn’t exhaustive; it is intended to help all of us communicate well so that the community can work better together:

  • Be welcoming, inclusive, friendly, and patient.
  • Be considerate.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be professional.
  • Be careful in the words that you choose.
  • When we disagree, let’s all work together to understand why.

This mailing list is often used to receive help and support from the community. It is important that everyone involved in those conversations keeps our guidelines in mind. Below are some things to consider when participating in those conversations.

For those seeking help or support:

  • Remember that most of the participants on this mailing list do so voluntarily.
    • Chef does offer commercial support to make your experience delightful every step of the way.
  • Search the docs site and this mailing list before posting a question.
  • Stack Overflow has a couple of articles that provide advice on asking questions:
  • Use the formatting features of the Discourse to format code and logs that you post.
  • Be patient, it may take time for someone to respond to your question. In the meantime, keep researching the issue.
  • Follow-up on the responses you receive and share your solution.
  • Consider helping others in the future.

For those answering help or support requests:

  • THANK YOU! Your willingness to help other in the community is what makes this community welcoming, inclusive, and friendly.
  • If a post or thread is bothering you, you can walk away and let another community member handle it.
  • If you see any posts with objectionable content, please use the Flag Post option and we'll look at it as soon as possible.
  • Remember that everyone starts as a beginner.
  • Provide links to further reading and additional resources that may be helpful.
  • Use the formatting features of the discourse to format the code and logs that you post.

Thank you!
Nathen Harvey

How do you configure “receive mails in plain text mode” (instead of HTML) in Discourse “Mailing list mode” ?
Is this something the admins can do ?

@strikr Discourse sends both text/html and text/plain formats for all notifications. You can configure which to show in your mail client (usually).