New posts to chef-dev are disabled

New posts to chef-dev are disabled


Before our move to Discourse, Chef maintained a number of mailing lists, one of which was entitled chef-dev. The chef-dev mailing list was used as a way for contributors to the actual Chef codebase and many of the core cookbooks to collaborate, request assistance, and share information.

After our move to Discourse, and with the introduction of the Chef Community Slack, the chef-dev channel no longer sees the type of traffic for which it was originally intended. Additionally, new Chef users sometimes select chef-dev for their post requesting general assistance and don’t always receive it given the much lower subscription count for the category.

Therefore, given that most contributor-related collaboration occurs in Slack, effective today, new posts and replies to the chef-dev category are disabled. We hope this change will help centralize our contributor-related collaboration in Slack and also ensure that Chef community members looking for assistance have a better chance of getting the help they need.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this message, or you can reach out to me directly on the Chef Community Slack at @adamleff.

Thank you!