Foodcritic + chefdk + multiple tags = question

Ohai chefs, says that I can choose which foodcritic rules via foodcritic -t style,services however when I run foodcritic (installed via chefdk) in the following manner, I get an error.

PS C:\Users\aravind\cookbooks> foodcritic -t correctness,metadata,recipe,roles,strings my_cookbook
foodcritic [cookbook_paths]
-t, --tags TAGS Check against (or exclude ~) rules with the specified tags.
-l, --list List all enabled rules and their descriptions.
-f, --epic-fail TAGS Fail the build based on tags. Use ‘any’ to fail on all warnings.
-c, --chef-version VERSION Only check against rules valid for this version of Chef.
-B, --cookbook-path PATH Cookbook path(s) to check.
-C, --[no-]context Show lines matched against rather than the default summary.
-E, --environment-path PATH Environment path(s) to check.
-I, --include PATH Additional rule file path(s) to load.
-G, --search-gems Search rubygems for rule files with the path foodcritic/rules/**/*.rb
-P, --progress Show progress of files being checked
-R, --role-path PATH Role path(s) to check.
-S, --search-grammar PATH Specify grammar to use when validating search syntax.
-V, --version Display the foodcritic version.
-X, --exclude PATH Exclude path(s) from being linted.

Any pointers?

Thank you

Created a .foodcritic file inside the root my_cookbook folder with the below content


and then ran foodcritic via

PS C:\Users\aravind\cookbooks> foodcritic -P -f any my_cookbook

That seems to work.