How to deal with mis-categorized subjects?

Switching from Chef ‘general’ subject and Chef Automate lately, I see there’s a bunch of subject on the wrong topic.

Should we just flag it and let the mods move them, or is there a better way to handle them (community votes maybe) ?

I poked around, and if you click the flag on an individual post, there’s an option to flag it as off-topic. If you flag a thread, you’d have to choose ‘something else’ and explain.

I’d be interested in a regular user trying the off-topic flag on a post and seeing what happens.

Well as far as I can guess it, it just raise a message to the moderators with a predefined message.

I’m ok to flag my own post as off-topic if it can help.

For the records, Last time I did use “Something Else” and did write a small description on where it should be moved. But I understand this take times from the moderators so I wonder if there’s an alternative.

Yeah, it looks like @coderanger handled that, which seems fine. Using the off-topic flag might be simpler, e.g. you don’t have to type and explanation.

Either way, flag a message and we’ll moderate as needed. If it gets to a problem we can remind people directly or on the thread to choose the correct category.