InSpec v1.18.0 released!

Hello, fellow InSpec community members!

InSpec v1.18.0 has been released! This week’s release is chock-full of goodness, including:

  • New Resource: key_rsa can be used to audit RSA public and private key files
  • New Resource: x509_certificate can be used to audit X.509 certificates, such as SSL certificates
  • Enhancement: inspec habitat profile commands will fetch and vendor profile dependencies prior to building the Habitat package
  • Enhancement: gem resource now takes an optional path to a non-standard gem binary, or a shortcut such as :chef to use the Chef Omnibus gem binary - thanks to community member “nvwls”
  • Bug fix: deep-fetching values from config files, such as its('mysqld.expire_logs_days') for a mysql_conf resource, now works correctly.
  • Bug fix: attribute YAML files can now end in .yaml as well as .yml - thanks to community member “mr-exz”
  • Bug Fix: require Ruby 2.1 or later in gemspec (new dependency nokogiri requires 2.1 and caused install failures for users still using 2.0, and 2.0 is EOL)
  • Bug Fix: port resource properly handles IPv6 addresses that are truncated in netstat output
  • Bug Fix: yum resource can now properly return values for a given repo (i.e. its('baseurl') { should include '...' })
  • Bug Fix: A non-standard supermarket URL can now be supplied from which profiles can be fetched - thanks to community member “rylarson”

v1.18.0 can be found on RubyGems,, the Habitat depot, and Docker Hub.

Thanks to our awesome community members for contributing to another great release! We’d love to help your contribution land in an upcoming release. Drop into the #inspec channel in the Chef Community Slack and let us know about your great new idea or enhancement.