InSpec v1.20.0 released!

Hello there!

I’m happy to announce that InSpec v1.20.0 has been released and includes some great updates:

  • New resource: the rabbitmq_config resource allows you to test RabbitMQ configuration file parameters
  • Enhancement: the ssl resource supports the Server Name Indication TLS extension - thanks to community member supergicko
  • Enhancement: the host resource supports macOS - thanks to community member RyanJarv
  • Bug fix: uploading compliance profiles to Chef Automate works correctly, and correctly fetches dependencies stored in Chef Automate
  • Bug fix: the gem resource on Windows uses the correct gem binary on Windows when the :chef shortcut is used
  • Bug fix: hostname detection works properly on macOS

We love receiving pull requests from our awesome and growing community. Thanks to you all for continuing to support the InSpec project.

As usual, InSpec v1.20.0 can be found in RubyGems,, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.