InSpec v1.28.0 released!

Hello, everyone! I’m happy to announce the release of InSpec v1.28.0. Included in this release:

  • new resource: The iis_app resource can be used to audit IIS Applications - thanks EasyAsABC123!
  • new resource: The virtualization resource provides information about the underlying virtualization platform in use - thanks tkak!
  • enhancement: Add support for CoreOS to the service resource - thanks rarenerd!
  • enhancement: host resource now supports TCP port checks on Linux
  • bug fix: Fix detection of Automate pre-0.8.x in Compliance::API
  • bug fix: Fixed reading tgz files on Windows
  • bug fix: Properly enforce CLI flags where values where needed, such as the --password flag
  • bug fix: Fixed reading tgz files on Windows
  • bug fix: Fixed reading binary profile data on windows
  • bug fix: Removed duplicate results message in blocks

NOTE: Due to an internal release process issue, InSpec v1.28.0 is not yet available on the stable channel However, it is available in the current channel ( It’s also available at RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub. I will post an update to this message once the 1.28.0 has been promoted to the stable channel on Thanks for your patience!


InSpec v1.28.0 is now available in the stable channel at Thanks again for your patience. :slight_smile: