InSpec v1.27.0 released!

Hello, InSpec friends!

I’m pleased to announce the release of InSpec v1.27.0. This version is chock-full of cool stuff.

  • new resource: A new nginx_conf resource is available providing some basic functionality, more to come…
  • new feature: inspec check will warn you if the license in your inspec.yml file is not a SPDX-formatted license key
  • enhancement: the crontab resource now supports crontab keywords, such as @yearly - thanks to community member jcastillocano!
  • enhancement: All digest calls are now FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • enhancement: The processes resource now has windows support, thanks to community member username-is-already-taken2!
  • enhancement: InSpec can now translate URLs, thanks to community member stubblyhead!
  • enhancement: A deprecation warning for the contain_duplicates matcher has been removed since it was unnecessary and a better solution is not currently available.
  • enhancement: the postgres_session resource now has better version/directory detection, thanks to community member aaronlippold
  • bug fix: a regression in the method used to fetch the version of the Compliance API was fixed, thanks to community member ndobson
  • bug fix: The host resource on windows was fixed to eliminate stray warning output that caused parsing errors of the resulting command, thanks to community member seththoenen
  • bug fix: The command resource can now properly test the existence of a command with a full path on Windows, thanks to community member username-is-already-taken2
  • bug fix: profile uploads to a Compliance server is now fixed in the cases where we were not able to properly determine the version of the Compliance API

Check out all those community contributions for this version! Way to go, InSpec community! We sincerely appreciate all of you for using InSpec, and we hope to see more contributions from this amazing growing community in the future.

As usual, InSpec v1.27.0 is available on, RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.


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