InSpec v1.35.1 released!

Hello, InSpec friends! InSpec v1.35.1 is out, and this one a great bunch of stuff:

New Resources

New Features

  • Add sensitive flag to resources to restrict logging output #2017 (arothian)


  • pip resource: support non-default pip locations, such as virtualenvs #2097 (tonybaloney)
  • port resource: support ss instead of netstat #2110 (adamleff)

Bug Fixes

  • auditd_rules resource: fix get_keys error on lines that have no keys #2103 (jburns12)
  • http resource: prevent repeat calls during a control with multiple tests #2108 (mivok)
  • Support mixed-case group entries #2101 (adamleff)

As usual, InSpec v1.35.1 can be found on, RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.

Check out all those community contributions… jburns12, jonathanmorley, dromazmj, arothian, tonybaloney: hat tip to you all for contributing to the InSpec project!

Do you want to contribute? Check out our issues list in GitHub and see if there’s something you want to take a crack at fixing. Need help? Swing by the #inspec channel of the community slack and let us give you a hand!

Thanks for making this one heck of a community.