InSpec v1.44.8 released!

Hi friends! InSpec v1.44.8 is hot off and presses and includes the following changes:


  • Add non-halting exception support to resources #2235 (jerryaldrichiii)
  • allow users to specify user/namespace when fetching profiles from Chef Automate #2275 (arlimus)
  • http resource: supply max-time option using read_timeout and open_timeout #2289 (bdellegrazie)
  • Issue warning during check if profile name contains slash #2231 (clintoncwolfe)

Bug Fixes

  • http resource: use proper syntax in curl header option #2285 (schisamo)
  • nginx resource: support quoted identifiers #2292 (adamleff)
  • Properly compare profile version strings as SemVer #2280 (adamleff)

Merged Pull Requests

InSpec v1.44.8 can be found at, RubyGems, Habitat Builder, and Docker Hub.