InSpec v1.45.9 released!

Hello, everyone! I’m happy to announce the release of InSpec v1.45.9!


  • Correctly format skip exceptions in formatters #2307 (adamleff)
  • http resource: Add basic param handling to remote HTTP worker #2286 (schisamo)

Bug Fixes

  • port resource: handle ss output from older iproute package #2305 (Wing924)
  • Fix classname in JUnit formatter #2283 (adamleff)
  • oracledb_session resource: fix credential passing to sql/sqlplus #2308 (bratdim)
  • xinetd_conf resource: fix false positives when config file or directory doesn't exist #2302 (eramoto)

Merged Pull Requests

InSpec v1.45.9 can be found at, Habitat Builder, Docker Hub, and RubyGems.