Kitchen Inspector 1.1.0


Ohai everyone!
I just released Kitchen Inspector v.1.1.0 1.

Kitchen Inspector is a CLI tool that checks cookbook’s metadata.rb against
a Chef Server and a Repository Manager (GitLab & GitHub are supported at
this stage).
It was initially inspired by Kannan Manickam’s Chef Taste, but the focus is
quite different.
Its aim is to provide a simple way to help cookbook authors detect version
mismatches, out of date requirements, etc…

Some of the inconsistencies it detects:

  • repository has a tag that doesn’t match its metadata’s version
  • a specified dependency is not available on Chef Server/Repository Manager
  • Chef Server and Repository Manager are not aligned

A more thorough list is described on its 2.

Kitchen Inspector is available on RubyGems so you can check it out with:
$ gem install kitchen-inspector

Feedback is more than welcome.