Knife-ec2 0.16.0 released

Hello! We’ve got a big knife-ec2 release for you today. If you’re a user, checkout the release notes below.

In this release we have added features for tagging EBS volumes and tagging node on the Chef Server. There are a couple of bug fixes and enhancement as well.

Features added in knife-ec2 0.16.0

  • Added support to tag node details to chef while node creation using --tag-node-in-chef PR: 492.

  • Added support to tag EBS volumes while node creation using --volume-tags Tag=Value[,Tag=Value...] PR: 488.

Enhancement in knife-ec2 0.16.0

  • Update list of instance types that support ebs-encryption PR: 503

  • Enhanced Winrm cert to 10 year expiry PR: 496.

  • Improper alignment of EC2 flavor list command knife ec2 flavor list PR: 490

  • Added new column description in EC2 AMIs list command knife ec2 ami list PR: 487

Fixed issue in knife-ec2 0.16.0

  • Update bundler to resolve travis failure PR: 502

  • Fix issue Tag node in Chef PR: 492 issue: 234.

  • Added support to handle long passwords in windows PR: 489 issue: 470