Knife-ec2 0.6.6 Release Announcement

Ohai and Happy Halloween! We’ve finally released version 0.6.6 of the
knife-ec2 gem. Key features in this release include:

  1.   The ability to create and bootstrap Windows nodes in EC2 to your

Chef Server

  1.   Support for IAM roles
  2.   Other improvements in command-line options and bug fixes

Our thanks to all the contributors for this release, including Drew
Rothstein who provided some additional testing, and to the entire community
for bug reports and patience as we incorporated the set of changes.

knife-ec2 0.6.6 on RubyGems and GitHub:

The list of issues addressed in this knife-ec2 0.6.6 release is given below
– if you have any feedback on issues in this release or features you’d like
to see, please open a ticket at
You can learn more about how you can contribute to knife-ec2 at our
community site:

Thank you!

Issues fixed in knife-ec2 0.6.6:

KNIFE-387 knife ec2 server create should accept bootstrap proxy

KNIFE-364 knife-ec2@master: "Can not find bootstrap definition
for "

KNIFE-349 Propagate "secret" and "secret-file" values for use
when bootstrapping a new EC2 instance

KNIFE-346 Fix deprecations and test on Ruby 2.0.0

KNIFE-345 Updated README and gemspec

KNIFE-342 Include AZ in output and colorize flavor column for
easy reading.

KNIFE-328 Remove Gemfile.lock

KNIFE-327 Travis CI

KNIFE-321 knife-ec2 does not inform the user of the default
us-east region

KNIFE-294 Use credential file to specify access/secret keys

KNIFE-290 fix tags output

KNIFE-284 Unable to bootstrap windows node using ssh

KNIFE-265 knife-ec2 master breaks the knife command

KNIFE-254 Error::ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer) when knife
ec2 server create on 3G connection

KNIFE-253 knife-ec2 should be able to delete instance based on
chef node name

KNIFE-207 'knife ec2 create' times out when creating tags on a
new instance that is not ready

KNIFE-161 Integrate WinRM bootstrap to allow knife ec2 server
create to bootstrap a Windows instance

KNIFE-160 Add support for EC2 Placement Groups when creating new

KNIFE-154 Support new IAM Role feature in Knife EC2 Server Create


Adam Edwards

Software Development Engineer, Opscode, Inc.