Knife-windows and windows cookbook updated

We just pushed new versions of ‘knife-windows’ and the ‘windows’ cookbook.

knife-windows 0.5.4 contains some bug fixes, module refactoring and improved error messaging.

Version 1.0.4 of the windows cookbook contains some big improvements thanks to Paul Morton! Paul did some major refactoring on the windows_registry provider and contributed 3 new windows resource/providers.

Full release notes for both updates below.


Opscode, Inc.
Seth Chisamore, Software Design Engineer
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: schisamo

Release Notes - Knife Windows Plugin - Version 0.5.4
** Bug

  • [KNIFE_WINDOWS-7] - Exception: NoMethodError: undefined method `env_namespace’ for Savon:Module
  • [KNIFE_WINDOWS-8] - winrm based bootstrap fails with ‘Bad HTTP response returned from server (500)’
    ** New Feature
  • [KNIFE_WINDOWS-6] - default bootstrap template should support encrypted_data_bag_secret

Release Notes - windows cookbook - Version 1.0.4

  • [COOK-700] new resources and improvements to the windows_registry provider (thanks Paul Morton!)
    ** Open the registry in the bitednes of the OS
    ** Provide convenience methods to check if keys and values exit
    ** Provide convenience method for reading registry values
    ** NEW - windows_auto_run resource/provider
    ** NEW - windows_env_vars resource/provider
    ** NEW - windows_path resource/provider
  • re-write of the windows_package logic for determining current installed packages
  • new checksum attribute for windows_package resource…useful for remote packages