Last call: Platform support policy RFC


Hi all,

I was remiss in not posting to the mailing list after the last
developer’s meeting regarding Chef Software, Inc.'s platform support
RFC. It is here:

We have already received over a hundred comments and it is in an
almost-finished state. But since I was so late with this, let’s have
one more pass and try to merge it at the next dev meeting (i.e. not
today), which I assume we will hold in person at the community summit
on October 2.

  • Julian

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 8:55 PM, Adam Jacob wrote:

Hi folks! The agenda for tomorrows IRC meeting is here:

As I’ll be heading off to Denver to go to to Riot Fest
(, I won’t be able to make the
meeting. For the purposes of any decisions that need to be made in my role
as Decider in the RFC process, Nathen Harvey has all of my authority and

Be good to each other, see you soon,

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