Linux .NET Core Issue (habitat-aspnet-sample)

Hey all,

I'm having an interesting issue trying to build the sample .net app for Linux found at GitHub - habitat-sh/habitat-aspnet-sample: This is a multi tier, minimal functionality ASP.NET Core MVC application. The purpose of this application is to both test and demonstrate how an ASP.NET Core application can be deployed and managed by Habitat.

Everything kicks off fine but ends with this error:

I haven't come across this one before :slight_smile: Has anybody come across this or have any ideas?


-Chris (Defilan)

Hey Chris,

Iā€™m guessing this got broke at some point due to the upstream deps. I just merged a commit to the habitat-aspnet-sample repo to fix this. Basically removing non-linuxX64 runtimes so the do_strip() does not try to strip the arm binaries.

If you pull the latest it should fix your build.


Hey Matt,

Iā€™m always thankful for your insight and help! That did the trick, thank you very much!

I hope you have a great rest of your day.