Maven cookbook update

Ohai Chefs,

A few people have raised the issue that maven 3.0.4 is no longer
available. This is now resolved; the recipe no longer hardcodes a version
and it is available as an attribute. Also, the default recipe is
refactored to use the “version” attribute to set the version of maven to
install. The cookbook includes support for test-kitchen 1.0 (alpha),
minitest-handler tests, and the former test cookbook recipe is now the
maven::test recipe.

From the

maven v0.16.2:

The following changes were originally released as 0.16.0, but the
README incorrectly referred to the maven# recipes, which are now


  • [COOK-1874]: refactor maven default recipe to use version attributes


  • [COOK-2770]: maven cookbook broken for maven3 now that maven 3.0.5
    has been released