Meeting notes for April, 2, 2020.ˇ

Below are the meeting notes for this week's meeting. If you would like to join future meetings, you can find us every Thursday at 9am PST in #community-meetings in Slack


benny shared

  • Though #ChefConf 2020 is going digital, we’re not going to miss out on this year’s Awesome Chef awards. @mandi posted about it on our blog last week. Take a look, and then Nominate an Awesome Community Chef!
  • We hosted our first global digital meetup this week! @galen presented about the Human-less pipeline. The video is , but if you’d like to join us live next time, join one of our meetup groups:
  • Every Friday from 11a to 12p PDT: @chef_jody hosts a live show with members of the Chef engineering and product teams, showing off what’s new with Chef Infra, Chef Inspec, and Chef Habitat, and answers questions in Office Hours Q&A sessions. Come say “Hi!” tomorrow: .
  • We’ve updated the developers we're highlighting under Awesome Contributors on again. The list now includes @BobChaos, @Tensibai, @ramereth, @Xorima, @damacus, and @john. It's a small recognition of the effort y’all put in around here, and I’m so happy y’all are here. I'm still planning to put together a quick blog post about that spot specifically, why we put folks there, and how you can nominate other folks you think should be included. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

tas50 shared

And for anyone that hasn’t checked out the ChefConf page lately there’s a FAQ on our all-digital format for the year so check that out

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

tas50 shared:

And last but not least we have a nice release of Automate 2 with 20200325163209 with improvements to how banners are displayed, extended timeouts for elasticsearch and improved documentation.

Sous Chefs

tas50 shared:

Sous Chefs also made a ton of releases this week that are pretty note worthy

Consul 4.0.0
Mongodb 3.0.0
Grafana 8.6.0
Java 8.0

Keep in mind the major versions are most definitely breaking releases are things are rewritten as resource driven cookbooks

Other updates

tas50 shared:

We had a bunch of great cookbook work this week

Cookstyle 6.1 shipped with 5 new cops and a few improvements to existing cops:

The Windows cookbook 7.0 shipped with the removal of the windows_share and windows_certificate resource that are now bult into Chef Infra Client itself. This was a planned release with a year of warnings in the previous cookbook. The eventual goes is to fully deprecate this cookbook as we’ve moved the functionality into the client itself. There’s a few new cookstyle rules to help you get there.

Habitat cookbook 1.5.9 and 1.5.10 shipped with improved habitat version support

Other updates

Chef Automate

susanev shared

hi yall, the next release of automate, planned for monday april 13th, will put everyone onto iam v2 .

our docs are here:

our api docs are here:

more impacts are described in this announcement

you can post in #automate2_0 if you have any questions or concerns
or reach out to me directly too

Alex Pop shared

For the past week, we focused on these main epics: EAS Dashboard, IAM, Compliance waivers UI, Habitat Builder in Automate, automated documentation, refactoring and cleanup.

Heads up that we upgraded the UI code to Angular 9

Will go into more details next week.

Chef Inspec

Stocksy shared

We’re currently working through a release, there’s been a couple of bits of Windows CI that are getting fixed and improved. Will have more to report next week!

Chef Habitat

sdmacfarlane shared

  • Added package pruning to the supervisor (--keep-latest=N) --keep-latest=N option to pkg uninstall in review
  • Research spike into pkg export docker creating layered images
  • Implementation of read-only users for Origins proceeding
  • Initial implementation of producing build order for base-plans rebuilds using Builders package graph is close

Also as a heads up, we'll be adding stalebot to our repository to automatically close out issues over a year old If your issue is closed and you feel it's still valid, please feel free to re-open it

Chef Workstation

tball shared

Howdy! Workstation team has been working on the following this past week: Helped the docs and releng team update the Chef Workstation docs so they live with the repo and use the new Hugo modules to build correctly.*

  • Work underway to add policyfile API support to the chef/go-chef library; and coordinating with upstream to get it merged there once complete.
  • Chef analyze capture [the early edition] is available in the latest chef-analyze and will be in WS current build soon if it’s not already. This command captures relevant node data into a local repository and sets up a kitchen configuration for testing it based on the original node. It’s got warts (it only tries to set up a vagrant configuration for kitchen), and doesn’t know about data bags yet; work on this will continue.

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • We are continuing to work on adding aws_sig_v4 support
  • We are able to enable crypto for FIPS and are currently testing it. The should fix the regression from the last release.
  • We are working not erroring out the reindex process in case of a failure. And adding some more change in that area to make the reindex process more friendly.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Chef Infra Client

  • Updating Ruby for the 2 CVEs that were patched this week.
  • Prepped Chef Infra Client 15.9 release which should go out soon (today?)
  • Improved our build validation for Windows 10
  • Continue to battle with Ubuntu 20.04 build validation due to the flux in the Ubuntu 20.04 repos as they approach release and the removal of Python 2 which sadly some AWS tools still require
  • Continued to convert resources to use Unified Mode under the hood
  • Worked on a new after_resource state which will be used for reporting. Think of it as new_resource/current_resource/after_resource
  • Fixed how build_essential determines if xcode CLI needs to be installed on macOS and fixed 10.15 support. A giant thank you to the work of the Microsoft Mac team which has some great code for doing this in their macos cookbook

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

As @tas50 already mentioned we have released a number of cookbooks, including a full rewrite/fix of the Java cookbook (Thanks @damacus ) that cookbook was really broken.

Onto upcoming works we have almost finished the migration of HWRPs in keepalived to Custom Resource, this has some breaking changes but we are hoping to keep them to a minimum.As always we have a number of cookbooks which need love, so if you have some free time or have forked it in work to add some fixes, please do think of giving back to the community.

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

I've been fighting with building Cinc Workstation on Windows for the past week. I made some progress but then ran into an issue when trying to run it through our gitlab runner. I'm hoping to connect with @tball sometime soon to figure out what's going on with that.

jgitlin shared

Made no progress this week but did get the blessing from the CEO for me to continue work on the project and still have a need for CINC Server in our org, so I'll hopefully have a better update next week!

Tensibai shared

I've poked chef infra to make a biome package, probably a PR to come to allow overriding the install path

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