Meeting notes for July 16th, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


bennyVasquez shared

  • This week has been cleaning up lots of loose ends and planning for Q3/4, but we’re working on finalizing an update for the Chef Infra course on , starting some additional courses, and are also finalizing which digital events we’ll be sponsoring. I’ll have lots more detail next week! (edited)

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

tas50 shared

Other releases

tas50 shared

  • has been rebuilt for 2020. now with less scrolling and less chance of accidentally consuming the "current" build
  • Jenkins cookbook 8.0 was released with fixes for Chef Infra Client 16 as well as some modernization for new releases of Jenkins:
  • kitchen-dokken 2.10.0 was released with a fix from @ramereth to support the multiple_converge option when you want to check idempotency. This release also adds a new 'memory_limit' config
  • kitchen-ec2 3.7.1 is out with improvements for how we search for centos images, which prevent you from accidentally getting non-official images. Keep in mind there is NO official CentOS 8 image. This release also adds Cascading Subnet Filter support with Spot Instances and removes 2 unused deps.
  • I posted a new unofficial macOS 10.15.5 vagrant box for vmware and virtualbox: that replaces the previous 10.15.3 box
  • cookbook-omnifetch 0.10 was released with support for manifest v2. This prevents failures when using policyfiles with a segmentless cookbook
  • knife-cloud 4.0.2 shipped with support for using jumphosts with bootstrap for any knife plugins that utilize the knife-cloud framework
  • Last, but not least Cookstyle 6.11 and 6.12 shipped. These releases bumped to RuboCop 0.88 which has some pretty significant perf / memory optimizations, 5 new Chef Infra cops, and some improvements for detection on existing cops


Chef Automate

lancewf shared

  • Continued work to support reporting inspec runtime execution failures from the context of audit cb
  • Added api docs for event feed
  • Lots of other general docs updates and cleanup

For the Desktop work:

  • Updated desktop detail view to not have any canned data
  • Working on Desktop rollouts
  • Resolved a ui calendar bug on compliance that led to the incorrect date being selected sometimes
  • Data feed docs were added
  • Refactoring the event feed to allow for new events

Chef Habitat

sdmacfarlane shared

Greetings from the Habitat team!

  • Fixed ctrl-c in windows native studio.
  • Fixed issue where a service could miss file uploads if it was offline at the time of upload
  • Started some refactoring/cleanup of Builders datastore code
  • Backfilling tests around our build manifests
  • Resolving edge cases in build order generation caught by the tests

If you've ever ctrl-c'd out of habit in a windows studio, you know how nice that first bullet point is going to be.

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Last week was a little slow for us with some being sick and some being out.

  • We reproduced an issue with FIPS and sig_v4 that we will be working on in the next week.
  • We are working on removing solr and java8 from the Chef Infra Server 14 build.

That is all for us.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

  • Working on some review and under the hood tweaks to allow for true remote ohai for Target Mode
  • Continued DNF fixes
  • Lots of small tweaks to our rspec tests to get our builds green and keep them green
  • Work refactoring macos_userdefaults, which is going to become very important now that apple has removed the ability to manage profiles directly on a machine
  • Merged in a new windows_firewall_profile resource, which is pretty handy for setting up your firewall. That combined with windows_firewall_rule makes it pretty feature complete now
  • Worked a bit on making it so Workstation can ship with knife "hashed" and then each gem install will automatically rehash. This prevents knife from needing to search through the entire install each time looking for knife plugins and is a pretty massive speedup on windows hosts. The Chef part is done and now I just need to play around with chef-cli and the workstation installer to see if it'll actually work
  • oh and we're going to support DSS host keys again with knife-ssh. If you have those you really shouldn't, but it'll work again. Sorry for the breakage

Chef Inspec

Stocksy shared

We're ready to release InSpec 4.22 , there's some docs work remaining plus Release Engineering maintenance happening at the moment, so we plan to release early next week.This release contains: * When a runtime error occurs while loading a profile, instead of immediately terminating, InSpec now reports the profile as "failed".

  • Updated the service resource in preparation of the coming macOS 11 Big Sur release.
  • Fixed a bug where having a = character in a CLI input would truncate the value passed to InSpec
  • Fixed a bug where the apt resource did not handle the presence of apt-cdrom type repos.

There's some nice PRs in-flight and we'll probably be looking at another release as soon as we get 4.22 out

Chef Workstation

mparadise shared

  • This week in Workstation, we released an update to chef analyze report that includes an --anonymize flag. This flag will hash any cookbook, node, or file names, so that customers can more safely share reports with the Workstation team. This is available in current channel.We have also updated Test Kitchen with fixes, including one that makes it respect root_path in all cases where it's provided.Finally, we're getting a new Workstation release together to include these changes plus relevant releases from @tas50 's announcements above. This will go out early next week, and should see us return to our per-sprint (2 week) release cycle which was disrupted by ChefConf.

Sous Chefs

tas50 shared

  • New release of PHP with support for modern platforms. This ended up being quite the effort since that cookbook hadn't been touched in a while
  • New Apache2 release that includes a mod_php resource now, which removes one of the major blockers upgrading to the new resource driven cookbook
  • Lots of work happening in the filesystem and vagrant cookbooks.
  • ramereth is continuing work on the nagios cookbook making it resource driven
  • Apache/PHP blockers done!

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Cinc Client:

Cinc Workstation:

Other updates

bobchaos shared

See you next week!

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