Meeting notes for Feb 13, 2020

Below are the notes from this week’s meeting


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ChefConf Update!

  • Super Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow! Get your valentine a ticket to a ChefConf! :smiley: Seattle: June 1-4; London: June 15-17
  • CFP acceptances will start going out late next week. Thanks to everyone who submitted, we will have two awesome ChefConfs this year thanks to all of you!
  • Any and all ChefConf questions,

#chefconf2020 channel NYC, we'll see you at DevOps Days NYC in March!

This week’s releases

tas50 shared

You may have also noticed we shipped about 2 dozen knife plugins and core chef libraries. We’ve made some serious progress on the knife performance front which will ship in the next release of Chef Workstation. 3x performance increase for Windows users and 4.5x for Mac users. It’s not quick “snappy” on Windows yet, but we’re getting there. (edited)


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The weekly Automate release shipped (20200131232134 for those keeping track) with a pile of fresh new STIG profiles and some nice bug fixes

Chef Infra

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We also shipped Chef Infra Client 15.8. This comes with a new notify_group feature for grouping resources to trigger and it also includes several dozen more helpers for writing cookbooks .

That release is also now fully signed and notarized to meet Apple’s new standards, which does mean you can no longer install a binary into the omnibus install. Not our fault. Sorry

Other updates

tas50 shared

I would also like to ask anyone out there that uses tools like knife-vsphere, knife-vcenter, knife-azure, knife-google, knife-acl, or knife-windows to download the current channel build of Chef Workstation and give it a try. I shuffled around a lot of libraries and I want to make sure it all works before next week.

Oh and also for all the Debian folks out there we’re adding Debian 10 validation to all our products that currently support Debian. Workstation is also now validated against 8/9/10.


AlexPop shared

Olá from the Automate team!

  • InSpec Waivers are fully supported by the compliance APIs.
  • Updated and added new compliance profiles, we are at 395 Available Profiles!
  • Improvements to documentation and release notes
  • Continuing with code refactoring and cleanup
  • Fixed an issue where deprecated profiles prevented Automate v1 upgrade to Automate v2
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the EAS Dashboard.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec Team was up to:

  • Working on a Habitat package issue related to plugins in hab 1.5
  • Merged updated JSON Schema code
  • Removed about 50% of metaprogramming in LibraryEvalContext and Resource
  • Several adjustments to our CI system as we work towards full end-to-end testing


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From the Habitat team. This week we:

  • Released 1.5.29
  • Continued to iterate on origin management via cli
  • Working on refactoring our cli internals.
  • UI and backend work on package settings for Builder
  • Improved safety of origin deletion


afiune shared

The workstation team finished work to add a brand new Preferences dialog to the Chef Workstation App, this is only available for macOS users but we will work to have parity with Windows and Linux systems. From there you will be able to control things like the startup of the app at boot, automatic updates and features flags! Check it out and give us feedback. Additionally, we are continuing work for the reports inside chef-analyze to be able to add filters to narrow down specific fleet of nodes/cookbooks you want to focus on

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello! For this week we are have been working on a couple of things:

  • For terraform we added more scenarios like FIPS, elasticsearch testing to the integration pipeline. We fixed some bugs with some of the scenarios and we added failover for chef-backend scenario in the testing. We did a lot of testing around connection between postgres and azure with ssl enabled.
  • The work for connecting postgres with azure is now merged in and will be available with the next release.
  • Work is in progress to use sig_v4 connections to s3 buckets instead of sig_v2. We have identified the libraries that we might be able to move forward with instead of mini_s3. And starting on testing with erchef pointing straight to it.

Chef Infra Client

lamont and tas50 shared

more chef-sugar helpers and perf improvements and the odd thing here and there for chef 16 like notify_group

we moved the custom resource for manipulating chef-vault secrets into core for chef 16

knife-acl has also been moved into core

knife-windows will probably also move in.

Other Community Updates

BobChaos shared

I've got a prototype going for those bootstrap tests I mentioned last week: I'm going to add support for Windows nodes, then PR the bootstrap fix I've been sitting on. I hope those tests can make their way upstream in due time

ramereth shared

I've been working on getting Cinc Workstation builds going, mostly figuring out issues with the MacOS builds which I finally got figured out. Now trying to figure out why it's failing for Windows (thanks for @afiune for helping us a bit!)

We refactored how we build Auditor to match how we're doing it in workstation and released 4.18.85 yesterday

I have a PR waiting for tests to finish for Client that has similar fixes. We should be shipping 15.8 later today hopefully if all goes well

We haven't started looking into the signed MacOS binaries yet. That will likely happen later.

I'm hoping we'll have something to test with on workstation soon, but we're still a long ways away from having it trademark free. Oh and thanks to @tarcinil for helping us with golang stuff!

See you in next week!

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