Meeting Notes for October 21, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


Kiah Tolliver shared

Good day folks, it's that time again! It's Community Meeting time!! There are only 4 days left to submit your project to the Automate for Good hackathon. Head on over to devpost to shoot your shot at a portion of $60k in prizes!

This week’s releases

Other releases

Kiah Tolliver shared

Chef Manage 3.1.80 Released! Learn more about that here. Looks like that’s it as far as releases go.


Chef Automate

Ankur Mundhra shared

Hello folks
Automate team has been working on:

  • Data feed and archiving capability will be released: Webhook based (ServiceNow, Splunk, ELK/Kibana, Custom webhook) and Storage based (Minio, Amazon S3)
  • License usage information from compliance stats: Store compliance run info in ES indexes, compliance data to receive confirmation after compliance stats is shared, etc.
  • Large compliance report concern: Work on Report manager service has started, trimming messages to 1kb from 32kb, split large reports in smaller chunks, etc.
  • Security enhancement: Remove public IPs from Automate HA terraform scripts
  • Infra Server views: Paginator UI in Roles, integration tests for Environment and Cookbooks
  • Proper error message for hidden directory
  • Automate HA: Chef Automate upgrade command to amp with cluster commands

Lots happening on our side. Stay tuned for more.

Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

Hello from Habitat!
This week's updates are:

  • Openssl 1.0.2 and cacerts refresh
  • Working on tool to auto version bump core packages
  • Working on Mac M1 hab CLI support
  • Addressing builder plan connection bug when builder package and plan package names differ
  • Working on HA on prem builder support

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Hey folks

Infra Client team is prepping for a new release once some infrastructure issues with our Solaris builders are resolved

fun fact: Sparc boxes are old and unreliable now

We're continuing to work on improving the secrets helper. This next release will include some great Azure additions and we're working on Akeyless IAM support currently

Ohai is getting some testing love with Unit tests now running on all major platforms

We're also fixing that nasty deprecation warning in Ohai which is surprisingly tricky

And then finally we're cleaning up some of our PowerShell logic. This includes breaking the PowerShell DLLs out of the chef/chef repo and moving them directly into the powershell shim repo. This resolves some packaging issues, reduces bloat in the chef repo, and helps us get to the point where we can rapidly pull in DLL updates from microsoft

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Ohai Chefs!We are almost ready to release Infra Server 14.10. It is currently in the final stages of running through some of our integration test pipelines. We have made some improvements to our pipeline to be able to test the postgres upgrade and supermarket scenarios better while fixing some of the failures that happened as a result of the change in Infra Server code.Done:

  • Fixed: knife-ec-backup unable to take backups after upgrading to 14.9.3
  • Adding a config nginx['nginx_no_root'] to omnibus for Chef Server. Thanks

@Collin M !

  • Adding a configurable x-ops-api-info to omnibus for Chef Server. This will not include the server api info in the headers if set to false.
  • Adding the information for the policy groups associated with the policy file revisions in the api response.Some of things that have been in progress in the last week apart from the release are:
  • Working on the install of OpenSearch.
  • Understanding the logs and systems that are currently seeing a spike in CPU and memory on upgrade to a later version of Chef Infra Server.That is all for us! Have a wonderful week!

Here are the upcoming release notes for this: Pending Release Notes · chef/chef-server Wiki(Pending Release Notes · chef/chef-server Wiki · GitHub)

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

The Chef InSpec team has been working on:

  • Adding Windows support to the http resource
  • Adding support for podman
  • Fixing an issue with oracledb_session
  • Working on our roadmap for 2022

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • bind - 3.1.0: Add source file parameter to bind_primary_zone

We have lots of updates for the docker cookbook thanks to @damacus mostly:

  • docker - 9.8.0: Stop the socket when stopping the service with systemd

  • docker - 9.9.0: Fix unwanted changes to /lib/systemd/system/* files

  • docker - 9.10.0: Move the docker_tag library to a custom resource

  • docker - 9.11.0

  • Remove the docker_network library as it is no longer used

  • Move the docker_registry library to a custom resource

  • docker - 10.0.0

  • Remove the sysvinit Docker Service managers

  • Platforms that supported these service managers are now EOL

  • filesystem - 4.0.0

  • Chef 17 compatibility

  • Minimum chef version set to 15.3

Thanks to @bmhughes for getting this grafana cookbook refactor done!

  • grafana - 10.0.0

  • Automatic config Hash path creation

  • Automatic resource property fetching

  • Automatic config template resource generation

  • Add service resource

  • Add LDAP log filters to the main config file

  • Split log resource into separate resources, Split auth resource into separate resources

  • Update for Grafana v8.0 configuration

  • Config accumulators are now persistent (explicit delete action required to remove)

  • grafana - 10.0.1: Remove redundant conflicting config_writer notice from README

  • hashicorp-vault - 6.2.0: Use as type part 2

  • hashicorp-vault - 6.3.0: Unify :type property as name_property in partial

  • ntp - 3.11.0

  • Updates the ntp.conf template to allow setting tos maxdist value; helpful when ntpd uses a remote Windows server as a time source

  • Sets the default tos maxdist value to 1 to stay conformed to ntpd's default value; can be set to 30 when remote ntp server is a Windows domain controller, for example

  • postgresql - 10.0.0

  • Move connection options to a resource partial

  • Require Chef 16+ for resource partials

Thanks to @ssd for transferring the xinetd cookbook over to us. We'll be getting that cleaned up soon.

I'm currently working on an update to yum-centos to add proper support for CentOS Stream

I think that's it for Sous Chefs

Cinc Updates

jgitlin shared

Only one small Cinc Server update from me: The Infra Server 14.10 which Prajakta mentioned has the first round of Wordmark replacements, which should help move Cinc Server builds along.

Other updates

See you next week!

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