Meeting notes for April 21, 2022

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


Kiah shared

Let’s kick things off with some save-the-dates for your educational viewing pleasure:

Upcoming Livestreams:
April 27th - Habitat Office HoursTune in on YT or Twitch

Upcoming Webinars:
April 28th- Cloud Cookbook

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

Kiah shared

Automate 2 version 3.0.23 Released! This is the first version of Automate using sem ver instead of the date code for versioning.

Chef InSpec

Kiah shared

Chef InSpec 4.56.20 Released! This release contains a couple bug fixes including Cisco XE device detection updates.


Chef Automate

Ankur Mundhra shared

Hello community
This week’s highlight:

  • Major release of Automate has been released – 3.0.23; a mandatory manual upgrade will be required
  • Embedded PostgreSQL 13.5 is available with major release of Automate
  • Blog on upcoming highly available solution of Chef products – Automate HA
  • Development is complete to have opt-in telemetry coverage for all sections in Settings page
  • Working to improve secrets handling of ES/OS credential

Team Automate

Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

Hello from Habitat!
This week's updates:

  • Making progress on next core-plans refresh
  • Investigating build order of core plan refresh
  • Investigating a way to scan packages for CVEs
  • Adding more robust retry backoff to init and run hooks
  • Investigating awol builder workers
  • investigating bugs in rolling updates
  • Expand on prem installer to allow splitting minio and postgres

Chef Infra Client

John McCrae shared

Good Morning, Chef Community, from the Chef Infra team
This week, we stayed the course:

  • We continued our work on Ruby 3.1 support. There's a lot to do here.

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

This week on the Infra Server team we have been working on the following:

  • Adding support for migrating from Elasticsearch to Opensearch for internal search users
  • Upgrade to erlang OTP to 25
  • Making progress on understanding why Bifrost database is growing with every sync

That is all for us! Have a great week!

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

Chef InSpec Team:

  • Released InSpec 4.56.20
  • Almost released 5.14.0 (pipeline issues)
  • Finished a feasibility study on automatic profile selection
  • Enhanced service resource, file resource, and group resource
  • New resource linux_audit_resource and default_gateway
  • Progress on parallel execution of profiles
  • Ruby 3.1 support for train and inspec

Chef Workstation

Kasif Adnan shared

Hi All! Here is what Workstation & Community Tools are working on

  • Continue to automate e2e test for kitchen-ec2 plugin and chef cli scenarios
  • Updating test-kitchen CI to use GitHub actions
  • UX preparing wireframes for smoother install/ setup experience
  • Update several repos to support Ruby 3.1 in tandem with Chef Infra Client

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from the Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • firewall - 5.0.0: Add support for nftables
  • tomcat - 5.0.3: Correct ubuntu-20.04 platform image in testing

We resolved an issue in our testing pipeline that was blocking releases over the past week (thanks @damacus for doing that)

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!


  • Released 4.56.20


  • 14.14.1 released via stable channel!
  • Working on replacing some Chef images with Cinc on the login page that we missed (issue)

We also have a new and improved testing pipeline with InSpec tests when we build Server

Oh, also working on updating our website to mention the new stable release of server: Cinc Server is now stable (!38) · Merge requests · cinc / · GitLab

See you next week!

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