New chef user invite email "from" field


I’m having a test/dev chef server to validate CB and recipes before hitting the real one.
Everything is going well but I have difficulties to add new users to it for a very simple reason. The invite email is sent with a “from:”, which is refused by our internal email GW.

I added the following fields to /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb
from_email = '’
notification_email = ‘’

Then ran “chef-server-ctl reconfigure” but it didn’t changed a thing.

I added the following fileds to /etc/chef-manage/manage.rb
email_from_address = '’
support_email_address = ‘’

Then ran “chef-manage-ctl reconfigure” but still not change …

Google is pretty dry on my problem too. I’m sure it’s just me being blind and/or dumb but I’m still stuck. Can someone please make me see the light ?

No one really ?
Though it was a very easy question just not well documented … I’ll probably opt for email catch and rewrite rule but it’s sad to have to tinker when no absolutely necessary …