IS is thread changed or do i need to re-subscribe

I am not recieving any mails that are being discussed in this
thread/address. Is this mail id changed or do i need to re-subscribe to
anything new to get the various discussions

It looks like you were not resubscribed on here. I’ve updated your preferences, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Coderanger

I have went in to the preferences and enabled to receive emails for any post (new/old) in this forum by anyone. But it appears that I am still not receiving any mails for the posts. is there any further settings that needs to be enabled?
I like to read the various Q&A, I hate coming into a portal to find what i am interested in.

Are u using gmail? If so, can you check promotions section? For some reason
all mails are going there for me :frowning:

huh … yes - it is!