How do I get my (limited) subscriptions back?

I believe I was previously only subscribed to chef-dev, however now I appear to be subscribed to everything, as my chef email volume has increased many times over. How do I get back to only receiving mail for the list(s) that I’m meant to be subscribed to?

Sorry for the noise. When we migrated over, there was some miscommunication about how to recreated teh subscription data. I wrote up a guide over on the FAQ thread under “How do I unsubscribe from only chef or chef-dev?”. The short version is to go into your user preferences and un-check the “send me an email for every new post” option and then go to the chef-dev category page and set it to “Watching” so you’ll be emailed only of new posts in that category. Sorry again for the trouble!

Problem I’m encountering is that, having newly migrated to an Android Tablet, my Gmail filter settings appear to be utterly unavailable to me. I’m getting hammered with what used to be chef-user posts which crippled Tablet email clients really don’t let me deal with (cannot view headers, cannot fix filters, etc., etc., etc.)

All of which are going to my primary inbox, triggering dozens of notifications daily.

It’s making both the list(s) and gmail utterly unusable.

@Edward_Morbius Were you also trying to only subscribe to chef-dev? I can try to set it up for you as an admin. I know I can at least disable the “email for all setting” if that helps.

As for setting up new filters, if you were using the List-Id then you’ll have to update those. The new IDs are,, and If you were using a subject filter, that should still work as before except for the new Feedback category.

Hasn’t everything been migrated twice now? Surely these subscriptions could have been scripted pretty easily… I’ll go and do this work, but it should be obvious that the amplification of effort when each user has to make these changes is enormous versus the effort for a single person to write the migration script correctly.

chef-user only AFAIR.

Again: a considerable chunk of the problem is Google’s utterly borked, server-side-only, hidden-from-any-reasonable-view, filtering options.

…and on filtering: I know what I can filter on. And if I could set up client-side filters with procmail, I’d have done it already. I’ve accepted Google’s effed-up silo, and am stuck with Google’s effed-up tools.

@Edward_Morbius I’ve switched your subscription settings so you should only get notifications about threads in the chef category or when you are explicitly at-mentioned (like here). Hope that helps!

Finally have bandwidth to deal with this, apologies for the late delay.

Purge my account from anything to do with chef or Discourse. I’m
revoking any rights for you to have, store, copy, or distribute any
content from or concerning this email address, with the following sole

Put this email on a "do not email, ever, under any circumstances"
status, however implemented.

You may, personally, respond to this email to verify completion of these

I’ll be instituting a block for all Discourse domains following receipt
of same, or within one week (March 10, 2016).

I could run down all the ways this transition was a complete and total
failure, but really, that’s not my job. I’m hugely unimpressed by Jeff
Attwood’s ability to evoke technical competence from his team.

on 05:27 Wed 28 Oct, coderanger ( wrote:

@Edward_Morbius I’ve switched your subscription settings so you should only get notifications about threads in the chef category or when you are explicitly at-mentioned (like here). Hope that helps!

Posted by coderanger on 10/28/2015

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