New JIRA Projects for Knife Plugins

With Chef 0.10 we merged in support for modular plugins to knife. We
leveraged this functionality to split the knife cloud commands and the
knife windows command into separate projects. This resolved a lot of
dependency issues, like we can now require Fog for the knife plugins
that use it, without adding it as a dependency for chef itself. We’ve
also been able to release fixes to the plugins much faster because
they are independent projects. To some degree this has been going on
behind the scenes but we’ve been working toward making it much more

There is now a list of the Chef related projects on the wiki [1],
including links to the proper ticketing (JIRA) projects for each. The
new projects added are:


If you’ve signed a CLA or CCLA, then you’ve been previously added to
the ‘jira-developers’ role on the ticketing system. This gives you
many additional privileges that you can use to help triage tickets.
We’ve moved a number of tickets from the Chef project in JIRA to the
new projects. If you’re an approved contributor you can as well by
clicking “More Options” on the menu at the top of the ticket and then
"Move." Choose the appropriate project from the list and step through
the pages to complete the move. Don’t worry about setting affected
version at this point.

We’re in contact with the great folks over at Bluebox [2] and they’re
going to plan to take over support for the knife bluebox plugin. We’ll
get you more information on this as it develops.

Since Rackspace has acquired Slicehost, we’re orphaning the knife
slicehost plugin.

We’re waiting to see what happens with the Verizon acquisition in
regard to the Terremark plugin. If anyone is interested in maintaining
this, please contact me off list.

Bryan McLellan | opscode | senior systems administrator
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