Ohai 0.3.0 Release

Ohai, it’s been awhile!

Since the last release was almost four months ago and we’ve had some
new features added and some hairy bugs squashed, we thought a new
version of Ohai was in order.

The Ohai 0.3.0 MVP is returning Chef 0.5.2 MVP, Bryan McLellan for the
DMI plugin on Linux. Now when Ohai runs as root, data from DMI is
reported in a usable manner. Bryan also helped identify bugs.

Our community rocks for finding bugs and reporting tickets and also
for fixing these issues and making improvements! Mark Imbriaco
identified a bug where zombie processes were being created, and
Matthew Kent fixed it. Mathieu Sauve-Frankel returned with some
contributions like a Perl plugin, and a fix for the Python plugin
throwing an exception.

One of Opscode’s advisors, Benjamin Black, added code to handle
incremental updates to data and re-running plugins (say through
Nanite). He also fixed some bugs and improved the data returned for
network interfaces.

Opscode added additional data about the Ruby environment - the default
gem installation path and which Ruby binary is used. A new feature a
long time coming is the ability to specify one or more attributes and
return only those, rather than the entire JSON blob. Note this only
works on toplevel attributes (hostname, platform, languages, etc), but
we plan to have the ability to narrow down in a near-term release.

And now, the release notes:

 * [OHAI-69] - plugins/network.rb has unused and broken code  

relating to attribute “default_interface”
* [OHAI-76] - darwin kernel spec fails on linux system
* [OHAI-77] - no method error from current HEAD for ‘chomp!’
* [OHAI-79] - Ohai::Exception was leaking into popen4, causing us
to lose the exception raised by exec (Errno::ENOENT)
* [OHAI-82] - libvirt call fails with undefine method
’openReadOnly’ for Libvirt:Module (NoMethodError)
* [OHAI-86] - ohai leaves zombie processes in it’s wake.
* [OHAI-91] - dmi plugin should check version of dmidecode, only
load attributes available.


 * [OHAI-81] - languages[:ruby] should also know about the gemdir  

and ruby binary
* [OHAI-83] - minor fix for libvirt not installed

New Feature

 * [OHAI-6] - CLI output should allow filtering based on attribute
 * [OHAI-67] - language/perl plugin
 * [OHAI-75] - Need perl language bindings
 * [OHAI-80] - Enable incremental updates of ohai data
 * [OHAI-85] - Add DMI information

This has been posted on Opscode’s blog, too.

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