Ohai 6.18.0 Released

Hey Chefs,
Today we released Ohai 8.16.0, which is available on Rubygems now and will be included with the next Chef release. The major new enhancement for this release is support for fetching Openstack metadata information. This gives nodes running in Openstack a wealth of Openstacky information such as public IPs, instance type, instance ID, etc.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

  • Properly poll Openstack metadata + other Openstack improvements #818 (tas50)
  • Update packages plugin to support PLD Linux as an RPM distro #813 (glensc)
  • Add detection of bhyve guests running Linux/*BSD #812 (tas50)
  • Consistent plugin debug logging #810 (tas50)
  • Extra debug logging and error handling in plugin loading #808 (tas50)
  • Language plugins: Improve failure logging, update specs, general cleanup #805 (tas50)
  • Add method to safely get or check the existence of attributes #796 (mcquin)