Password Reset via Chef Manage

Hi all -

We’re nearing completion of the setup of our chef-server (chef 12, with chef-manage).

I’m really liking this much better than my experience with chef 10 (the last time I did anything like this myself).

One thing that I haven’t been able to figure out is password reset emails.

I can see that there’s a link to reset passwords, but it never actually ships an email.

Where is that configured? I’ve read the chef-server and chef-manage documentation, but I’m willing to admit this is user error and I’ve overlooked something glaringly obvious.

Thanks in advance!

HI @eciramella…,Are you receiving the signup emails? Check If you are able to send emails from the server manually from the command line. This issue may raise if the server is not configured to send mails or else if the server is not added to mail relay list.

No actually, I’m not getting emails of any kind from the chef server.

I’m just wondering where the SMTP server is configured within chef config(s).

I didn’t see anything that popped out beyond the “keepalive” settings, but that reads like it’s for a feature we don’t have deployed.

We have our chef server in AWS so I’m hoping to use SES.

I have the same issue and found that my Ubuntu 14.04 server is not setup with an email application. What application do I need to install? After it’s installed what do I need to configure to ensure the chef application can send / receive emails? Sorry for the basic questions I’m just a lowly Linux technician.

Okay, I feel kind of silly… sudo apt-get install sendmail

That’s it, that’s all I had to do. It works now…