No email from chef_server_core on user create

Just installed my first chef-server-core 12.8.0_1.
ran a chef-server-ctl user-create but no email was sent. I can’t even tell if one was attempted… is that expected?
mailx -s “test” to the same email address for the user is delivered fine.

a chef-server-ctl show-config show a line "from_email": null, is that a problem?
I’ve tried adding a from_email = "proper@email.address" into my /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb file but it doesn’t seem to apply from there.

Any pointers for troubleshooting this gratefully received.



I don't think the command line user creation tool sends an email. The email field is a holdover from hosted chef or Chef Server with the Chef Manage UI, where, depending on configuration, users can sign up on their own.

OK, that makes sense, thanks!

Tempted to just let the guys loose on it…all the tests pass… is there anything I can do on the command line that will force a chef server generated email? (I tried a password reset too but nothing from that either… maybe it doesn’t send any but the pre-reqs require a working MTA so I assume there must be something?)

I can double check with my colleagues, but I believe mail will only be sent if you are using the Manage add-on or some other Chef Software (the company) product that builds upon the Chef Server.

I can confirm that. The API server oc_erchef within Chef Server doesn’t have the ability to send emails - and that’s what chef-server-ctl user-create uses. The email address is captured only for compatibility with Manage and oc-id.

oc-id - the identity provider that is packaged with Chef Server - does send password verification emails, and soon will send email address change verification, but it is not intended for account creation with email verification and doesn’t support it.

The MTA prereq is to satisfy oc-id and Manage’s requirements.

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Great, thanks for confirming…I’ll just crack on then :slight_smile: