[RESOLVED] Chef Manage SMTP connection

So, where is the documentation for setting up SMTP for Chef Manage? I must be having a bad day and I can’t seem to find the information.

I want this so that when I run the ‘Invite’ via chef manage to an LDAP user, the user actually receive an email.

Manage doesn’t support using SMTP configuration; you’ll need to set up a mail transfer agent like Postfix with a smarthost and use that. See https://docs.chef.io/install_server_pre.html#mail-relay

If you’re interested in this being a feature, you can make a request here: https://feedback.chef.io/forums/301644-chef-product-feedback/category/110835-chef-management-console

Thanks for all the info.

I think I will make a feature request. As part of manage I can ‘invite’ a user who is LDAP enabled. This has an email icon for the ‘invite’ - So I feel like this should already be there.

To be maybe clearer, it does use email, it just doesn’t use direct SMTP. It assume that local sendmail delivery is configured the way you want it. You can use something like ssmtp if you just want to relay to a “real” mail server.

That was already clear (like most app servers). Thanks for the clarification though…