Released Test-Kitchen 1.12.0

We just released Test-Kitchen 1.12.0 to rubygems. You can view the changelog for details. The highlights are:

  • There is a new config setting always_update in the provisioner which, if true, will update the cookbooks dependencies according to your version constraints on every converge.
  • Windows converges expect the v2 winrm gems to be installed (winrm 2.0.0, winrm-fs 1.0.0 and winrm-elevated 1.0.0)

Note that the new winrm gems cannot currently live peacefully in a chefdk environment that uses inspec, knife-windows or provisions windows boxes with chef-provisioning. We are in the midst of updating those now and plan to have them all using winrm v2 gems by the next chef-dk release.

You may find bundler is the best environment for using them now.

The primary advantages of winrm v2 now is faster cookbook uploads if you have particularly large cookbooks and if you are a Kitchen-DSC user, you can converge a nano instamce (chef coming soon).