Released Test-Kitchen 1.8.0

Just released Test-Kitchen 1.8.0 to ruby gems. This version adds two new featrures and each bring functionality from a separate provisioner into core Test-kitchen:

  1. Add native policyfile resolution support - This renders the plocyfile_zero provisioner obsolete and allows you to use a named_run_list setting like so:
  - name: default
      rando_attr: hello from rando
    named_run_list: foo 

Note that this functionality must be used with the chef_zero provisioner

  1. Provide the option to run all winrm commands through a scheduled task. By including the following transport config:
  name: winrm
  elevated: true

winrm commands, including the chef run will run inside a scheduled task. This fixes several broken scenarios such as installing .net frameworks or adding some windows features over normal winrm. You continue to receive the same console output. You can also run the commands via a system account which can be helpful since that is how some run chef in production:

  name: winrm
  elevated: true
  elevated_username: System
  elevated_password: null

Note: You must have the winrm-elevated gem installed.

You can follow these instructions to “upgrade” an existing chef-dk to this latest test-kitchen version. Do not forget to also chef gem install winrm-elevated if you want to use the elevated winrm transporter feature.